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Hello all, I am Alex M. Reis, currently the Enterprise Architect for Brasil & Movimento S.A. The company’s known through its trademark Sundown® and crafts Bikes and Motorcycles for the brazilian market.

My passion is writing software, but not only that. I have a passion for writing good software, that’s easy to mantain and understand. I have a passion for patterns, standards and most of all, I have a passion for accomplishing big things doing small ones.

I’m a passionate advocate of Agile methodologies, XP to be more exact, and also a proud Open Source enthusiast. My intrest also lies in Service Oriented Architectures (well software architecture in general), Web Services and Rich Internet Applications.

I’m a no-thrills no half-words person so please bear with me if the opinions I state in this blog are too bold for some of you, but I’m just like that, black and white. I don’t wash things out with nice words such as “may, should, probably” so beware. There will be x-rated content here for non-purists, as I am a die-hard purist.

I will also add my thought and findings about life in general, as it never stops to amuse me, usually one thing or two about community behavior and whatnot. I am also a gaming enthusiast, and spend most of my free time playing games or making music, which is my other hobby.

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