Dragonlance – The Animation

January 24th. When the sun went down on a sunday night, there I was with a lot to do on my hands, but a will to procrastinate.

Wandering through the depths of YouTube, I have found out that there’s been a Dragonlance animation movie out since 2007. I couldn’t resist the impulse. On I went to find a torrent of it, with little luck, but my good lord Google came upon me with this finding from Mega Upload, and on I went to download.

Hereby I feel the need for a good mention towards the Mega Upload crew. The download went blazing fast at all the speed my 6MB cable can hanlde, and in 30 minutes I had the movie in my hands.

Ok, enough with the Rorschach thing, I promise lol.

I was really excited about watching a movie made from the great first Dragonlance trilogy, but man, what a deception!

First thing worth mention is the awesomely crappy job the 20-name 3D animators / modelers team pulled off. The draconians look like they’ve come out of 1996 3D game, and the dragons look plastic. The animations are completely flawed and the rendering with little to no shadowing at all. They’ve used this lame excuse of a 3D production for the entire introduction to the movie, some scenarios, AND all draconians and dragons. Did I mention it sucks yet? Because it totally does.

Next, the voice acting. Have you ever seen a video game with bad, overly done voice acting? It’s the same feeling you get from the Dragonlance animation. The acting is either completely empty on role interpreting, or completely overdone. The voices don’t match the characters all too well, except for maybe Tasslehoff and Flint, but even those two suffer from the overacting.

Then you’ve got the 2D character animations. The frame rate is so low it had myself ¬†looking for performance problems in my computer, as most of the time it seems like the movie is doing frame skipping. And no, it wasn’t my computer AT ALL. This is a simple Xvid encoded file with mp3 audio, even hardware DVD players can handle it just fine.

As a finishing touch, they’ve cut the story short in all good moments from the book, from the escape from Solace, to the visit to the black dragon, it’s all butchered, cut, and thrown together in what feels absolutely shallow. They also butchered the story itself, having Goldmoon kill the black dragon instead of finding the temple of Mishakal, and becoming a priest out of nowhere. She doesn’t save Riverwind either, she ends up saving Tanis from death.

Did I mention they give you in the greatest finding about the whole story, that Fizban is Paladine, by the end of the first book? And also completely out of nowhere!

Unfortunately¬†this was one project with a huge potential that turned out into the same piece of shit quality standard of the other D&D franchise movies. I just hope they don’t do this to Icewind Dale anytime soon.

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