The time for enterpreneurs and startups

Yes we all do know by now that the world is undergoing one of the worst financial crisis in capitalism history.  Jobs are being cut, work hours and salaries have been reduced, and most importantly, companies are being pushed into making cost cuts and seeking new business partners in order to become more efficient and agile while spending less money.

I could write about how SOA would make your enterprise more agile, and how you could leverage Open Source SOA tools in order to make it happen even on tight budgets, but SOA has been getting a lot of badmouthing these days since so many projects have failed to meet the expectations set to pie-in-the-sky standards by all the vendor babble.

Today’s post is about the opportunity that rises from rough financial times: starting your own company. In the brazilian IT industry most of us have done it already. 90% of the IT workforce are contractors, and 70% of those have their own one-man companies in order to avoid the legal issues of being hired, and to pay lower taxes on our incomes. So what does it take in order to push your one-man company into a full-fledged profitable business?

Well first of all, you obviously need customers. Since you’re probably a contractor like me, you have worked for at least a couple companies, and probably have a good contact with a project manager or CIO on at least one of them. If you can manage to get them to lend their name as one of your customers, you already have a customer portfolio before you know it.

Since companies are looking for new partners, it is your chance to present to both your previous employers, and potential clients how can you do what they need cheaper, which leads us to one of the big questions in this subject: Why would I be cheaper?

Well, some could defend not charging less than your current employer charges their customers in order to keep everyone’s gains high, but it’s exactly those companies such as the one you probably work for right now that customers are trying to get rid of.   

If you can manage to be more agile, and charge less, the odds are you’re probably gonna catch the attention and praise of your customers, and before you know it, you’ll have more work demand than everyone else is getting right now. Also, the companies already stabilished are probably undergoing the same financial issues as everyone else, so if you have less mass, you’ll be less affected by the crisis.

It is a unique time for everyone with the enterpreneur spirit ready for action, it’s up to us if we’re ready to get some real money, or to be yet another guy looking for a new, lower pay job after you get a cut from your current one.

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