The rotten and broken music industry and the press

The music industry is a declining business as we all know by now. The internet has shifted the control from record labels and publishers to the artists, breaking their monopoly on the most valuable thing in the business: the listeners.

Alongside that, we’re also seeing the printed press die. Newspapers were one the first ones to take the hit, both by a generation uniterested and unwilling to go to a news stand and buy a paper, and by the lack of advertising caused by shifting of classified business to the internet, through eBay and craigslist, and the targeted ads offered by new technologies such as Google AdWords and even ad networks such as Double Click.

Despite the really  bad scenario for both medias, boy was I surprised to read this announcement by my former Guitar Teacher and good friend Breno Teixeira, stating that a new music magazine in Brazil asked him R$ 1k to publish an interview alongside a track in the CD that comes bundled with it.

How stupid is that? I mean, artists are the ones who generate content for those magazines.  Content is what draws what’s left of their audience to them.  It seems that the magazine thinks it is the middle man, the record label, the only means to reach the audience, and wants to charge artists for access to their precious audience.

I call you all to join this cause and link to Breno’s post to spread the word on the internet and hopefully hit the said magazine with a major punch in the stomach, because that’s what they deserve. Am I trying to start a mob? Hell yeah, I am.

Breno’s Original Post

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