Authentication on Rails

You may have heard me whine that rails isn’t going to replace Java anytime soon. You probably heard from me as well that it is a fad. Well, it’s been almost 6 years since its launch and it has already proven it’s here to stay. Like a lot of technologies, it has also made its way into my own likings as well. I just can’t say I like ruby yet, but rails is a nicely written framework.

I’ve been developing a rails app for a RPG community project, and one of the features I had to add in was authentication. Coming from the CakePHP camp, I was expecting to find something similar to Cake’s Auth component in the Rails core, but they did not have it. Instead the community has a wide variety of plugins, although the restful_authentication plugin is the most popular.

I tried using it and had a couple newbie issues going on. First off, when i ran script/plugin install using the git URL, it didn’t do anything, but also didn’t give me an error, so I thought it was install. So when i tried running script/generate authenticated … told me that the generator was not installed. Took me a while to figure out the plugins are installed under the vendor folder, and as I went there, the directory was blank. Also took me a while to figure out that it was due to not having git installed, so I went ahead and downloaded git. 

Plugin installation went fine, and the generator also ran fine after that, but when I tried the /signup url, it gave me:

NameError in AccountsController#new

uninitialized constant Account::Authentication

So after some googling, I found nothing. Looking at that error, i checked the model the generator created, and turns out that Account::Authentication was supposed to be populated by   include Authentication, but it wasn’t being found to include.

What I had to do in order to solve it was copying the contents of the lib folder in the vendor/restful-authentication/lib to the main application /lib folder.

Thought I’d share so one may find this post when having that error and hopefully not loose 3 hours over it like I did.

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